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Control Home Theater volume with Roku Ultra remote

Just got my 1st Roku ever and have it connected to an older Sony Bravia TV that is connected via a Digital (Optical) audio port to a Bose Home Theater system.  I'm getting sound just fine from the Roku to the Bose Home Theater but the remote only pairs to the TV so when I try the volume up/down buttons it only controls the sound of the Bravia tv and not the home theater, so I ended having to grab another remote to control the volume.

1) Is there a way to pair aux devices with the Roku remote?

2) Is there a 3rd party universal remote (Under $30) that you are using to control both your Roku, TV and Home Theater system that works great.  Not wanting to invest in an expensive Harmony remote.

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Re: Control Home Theater volume with Roku Ultra remote

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The roku remote can only control TV's by IR, it may be able control it by hdmi cec, if your tv has it.

There is the One-For-All Streamer remote urc-7935. Its one device remote that can have different sections of that one device programmed for tv, audio or sound bar, and streamer.  Its also a learning remote so you can teach any key whatever you want as long as you have remote with command already. They have bunch of open box remotes on ebay

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