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AirPod Listening for HDMI Inputs

Does anyone know any tips or tricks to listen to HDMI Inputs through AirPods?


I've gotten so far as to know how to use AirPods through Private Listening. And I'm aware there are accessories to use to let you listen through AirPods to game consoles over bluetooth like for Xbox and Nintendo Switch. (those are the two devices I'm trying to listen to on Roku). But I was wondering if there is a way, some secret way to getting to listening to an Xbox or Switch or any HDMI input for that matter on AirPods through the Roku. Long shot, but just putting it out there maybe for some clever girl or tech wizard Smiley Happy


Thanks, and please don't bother with any basic answers to the questions about Private Listening and/or Bluetooth accessories for Xbox and Switch. I understand those fundamentals. Need some magic. Thanks, bye!

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