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YouTube videos flashing/flickering on Roku Express

I recently purchased a Roku Express for my parents to share some YouTube videos.   I am finding that newer YouTube videos (uploaded since late January/early February) exhibit "flickering".  This is only when the videos are viewed on the Express -- it does not happen when viewed on a PC, TCL Roku TV, or an older Roku Streaming Stick -- and the behavior is reproducible.

There may be (and probably are) differences with the way the video was processed, either by me or by YouTube, but the problem only manifests itself on the Roku Express which would indicate some hardware- or software-dependent problem/bug with this particular platform.

Note, I have tried two different Roku Express units with different power supplies, different USB & HDMI cables,  on different WiFi networks and with different TVs.   Both Express units exhibit the same problem.
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Re: YouTube videos flashing/flickering on Roku Express

Thanks for sharing your observation here. A couple questions to help clarify the behavior: 

- Does this only occur on content you've uploaded yourself to YouTube, or does it also occur on other content within the channel? 
- What source format was the video you uploaded to YouTube, and what device did you record it on? 
- Does removing the YouTube channel from the Roku home screen, restarting your device from Settings>System>System restart, (then once the device restarts) adding the YouTube channel back again resolve the issue? 
- In your Roku's Settings>System>About menu, what is the version/build of software that you currently have installed? 
- If you navigate to the YouTube channel tile from the Roku home screen, and press the * key on your remote, what version/build do you have installed? 

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Re: YouTube videos flashing/flickering on Roku Express

I've noticed what might be the same thing (or something similar) on YouTube videos on my Express for a few months now, not videos I've uploaded, just videos I watch, every once in a while the screen goes grey for a second throughout the videos, it's very fast, but clearly noticeable. It seems to happen on most videos and I've only noticed it on my Express, not my Roku 3. Roku Express is version 9.0.0 and build 4142-51 and YouTube is app version f95a22b9, Version 1.0 and build 80000281.
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