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Level 7

YouTube preview sucks.


I find the YouTube preview function which shows a few seconds of video in the "thumbnail" window when that window is selected to be very annoying. I understand that many other people may like it. But I'm sure there are also a lot of folks like myself who would love to have the option to turn the preview function off. Will Roku consider implementing a switch to deselect this preview function? Then everyone will be happy, which serves Roku's interests nicely too. Thanks.

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Level 21

Re: YouTube preview sucks.

You'd have to take it up with the developer of the YouTube channel.  Roku has nothing to do with it.

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Level 7

Re: YouTube preview sucks.

I have started to notice a strange bug with these preview videos thumbnails. Appears when moving across youtube menus.


The screen flickers (show square/rectangular pixel boxes in the strait line at the top of the screen)


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