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Windows laptop to Roku express mirroring glitching while displaying

I have a Windows 10 laptop, am able to connect screen mirroring to a Roku express. 

I am able to extend the display and move my chrome browser to that window, but when I type away or watch a movie, I see glitching on the screen. It's hard to explain the glitching, but when the characters move the screen shifts and I see a visible shift in the video for a second and the screen corrects itself. 

I read a post that this may have to do with the refresh rate, but I can't find anywhere in Windows or Roku to change the refresh rate or tweak anything. 

I tried the same action without Roku and everything is fine. I also tried different resolutions, 1024x760 and resolution does not seem to have any affect anything. 

Anyone seen an issue like this? 



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Level 7

Re: Windows laptop to Roku express mirroring glitching while displaying

Last night I tried, same laptop, same movie, on a firestick and NO issues. 

I am about to throw the Roku out. Not sure why their stock is going up so much, the product is garbage (I cant turn Roku off, screen mirroring is working half the time, when it's working, the image is glitching, there is no one in customer service to reply to these issues, I can't get it to work properly with Harmony remote). 

The product is GARBAGE. I am so disappointed in buying this thing.

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Re: Windows laptop to Roku express mirroring glitching while displaying

There are Miracast (and other 2.4Ghz WiFi bugs) in the latest 9.3.0-4194 RokuOS version - this is very likely another one. 

Regardless, you might try switching your Roku connection to wired if available, or from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz (or vice versa) and trying again.

While its true their phone technical support hasnt been active for 6+ months now, their email support is:  (select your model/other/need more help/email)

Be as detailed as possible with model names/numbers and software versions of all devices involved




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