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White static screen then HDMI ports/TV no longer work

The day before yesterday, I was watching a show on the CW app when the bottom and top of the screen started flickering white, then the screen froze and I couldn't leave the app by pressing the home button or the back arrow button.

I tried turning my TV off and on but the picture was still frozen. Next, I force restarted the ROKU using the remote. The ROKU rebooted but the TV screen had gone completely white and there was no sound coming from it.

I unplugged the power cord of the ROKU and my TV for about a minute but when I turned it on, everything was the same. I tried switching the input source from HDMI2 to HDMI1 (my TV has 3 HDMI inputs) but that screen was also white with no noise, however, I could hear my ROKU stick when I pressed the Home button. I tried factory resetting my TV but had the same result. 

I ended up testing my ROKU on the other TV and it worked all day yesterday but when I turned it on this morning, this screen was white as well and the ROKU was hot. I have reason to believe that the ROKU is the problem at this point. My other TV still isn't working with any of my other devices so I know it isn't any of the cords themselves. I have tried display troubleshooting instructions I found online and nothing helped.

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