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Volume soft on most channels, loud on others?

I've read other posts about this but hoping there is some new info.
I have an Insignia Roku TV. Most channels I need to have the volume at 70 + to have it be normal others like the Amazon app, are great at about 10. Can someone please shed some light on this? Is there a fix? Thanks!
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Re: Volume soft on most channels, loud on others?

Thanks for the note here. Could you please provide more specific details about the behavior you're observing so we can help take a closer look? 

- What is the exact make/model of your Roku TV from Settings>System>About? 
- Which exact channels do you watch that require the volume to be turned up above 70+ to hear? What is an example TV show/movie that you have observed the lower audio volume on while watching? 
- Do you have any audio/video receiver connected to your TV, or are you just using the TV's own speakers? 
- When did you first observe this issue with the audio level?

Please send me a private message with your Roku account email address and the serial number of your Roku TV from Settings>System>About. I'll follow up with you directly to see what other recommendations we can make. 

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