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Ultra 2019 - crashes and audio drop outs

My Roku Ultra 2019 is connected through my AV Receiver [Onkyo tx646] through to a Samsung Q80 4K tv.  The ultra is also hard wired with ethernet.

Occasionally the Roku will crash and restart itself. And at times will drop out sound for a second or 2.

We primarily use Hulu live and YouTube casted from a tablet to the Roku. 

I have taken the Resolution from auto to the 4k 60fps setting, as we were having issues with "unsupported resolution" appearing on the AVR.  When the restart or crash happens, the resolution setting is reset to auto each time.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated 



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Re: Ultra 2019 - crashes and audio drop outs

I dont understand something. You are using a tablet as a hotspot?

Or you use Ethernet from a router?

Anyways Hulu and Youtube channels have been problematic for some people.

Have you tried a HDMi cable direct to your TV?

With a different means for Audio?

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Re: Ultra 2019 - crashes and audio drop outs

Thanks for the reply... When you state the Hulu and YouTube apps have been problematic, can you elaborate? 

Casting, I use the youtube app on my tablet and the Roku takes the stream over... it is a form of remote control - I wasn't sure if it was related to the issues I have been experiencing. 

I am not interested in connecting directly to my TV as that would create other issues.


I will try to eliminate the issue through more trial and error - I think CEC is a related issue.


Thanks anyways