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Roku white steady light. Not responding at all

I actually uses my roku for like 2 months. One day, it stopped working. The tv screen went “no signal” and the roku light was steady white. I pressed every button in the remote control and it didnt even blink. I changed de hdmi cable, i changed the batteries from the remote, i tried in a different tv. Nothing worked. So i got tired and left.
Some months later i tried again. I connected it and it worked. But for 2 minutes. It went off again. White steady light. No signal on the tv and no response.
No one could ever give me an answer
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Re: Roku white steady light. Not responding at all

Hi there! 

Thanks for reaching out. Have you tried performing a full factory reset on the device using the hardware button on the back/bottom of the unit? Take a look for more instructions on how to perform the reset:

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