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Roku express keeps returning to home screen

Have been using roku express for about a month with no issues. Now out of nowhere it returns to the home screen after just a couple minutes of watching. I have removed the channels and redownloaded them. Reset the unit, and also went as far as to factory reset and re download the apps. The software is up to date, and the only app it doesn't do this with is netflix.

Level 7

Re: Roku express keeps returning to home screen

Same issue.  After recently moving my Roku Express from one room to another, I noticed an issue with my remote.  Figured since it was in a new room, I'd go ahead and Factory Reset the device.  Went through the steps again for the initial setup and configuration - installed the Apps (Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon).

Now, no matter which one I'm using after 5 - 10 minutes of playback within the app - it kicks me and returns to the Roku home page.

I've uninstalled the app, restarted my Roku, and the reinstalled the app...and for good measure - restart the app again.  And I still have the issues of being kicked from the app within 5 - 10 minutes.

There was another post from 2019 with a similar issue and the monderate of the post mentioned the above steps.  And if the issues wasn't resolved, to reach out the app support itself (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon).  I did for Hulu and they indicated no issues on their side.  Hulu also works perfectly on my XBox - just an issue with my Roku at the moment.

Level 7

Re: Roku express keeps returning to home screen

This has happened to me today. I have a Roku Express - Model 3930RW. I've had this Roku for quite a while and it's worked fine. Also, nothing in my house has changed, same location, same wireless connection, nothing is different.  But today all of a sudden all of my apps only play for a few minutes and then kicks me back to the home page. This is with ALL of my apps so it's obviously not an individual app problem. This is a roku problem! I've updated the software and rebooted, all to no avail. This seems to be affecting a lot of people so an answer from Roku would be appreciated!