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Roku Ultra 2020 Model 4800X "Leveling/Night Mode" Audio Option Gone

My new Roku Ultra 2020 Model 4800X does not have "Leveling/Night Mode." It only has "Low/Med/High as Volume Options now.  My 2018 Roku Ultra currently still have "Leveling/Night Mode" as sound options.  Did Roku take away "leveling/night mode" from the new Roku Ultra 2020 Model?  I am unable to locate that option anymore or am I missing something.  Currently running on update 9.4.1.  Thank you.

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Level 8

Re: Roku Ultra 2020 Model 4800X "Leveling/Night Mode" Audio Option Gone

I had the same problem and contacted support. After a week back and forth they said the New 2020 Ultra does not have this capability. Low and behold a few days later my Ultra was updated and now it has night and volume leveling modes.

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