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Quarter Screen Display When Watching Content

When I watch a show it will only show on a quarter of my screen not my whole screen but the movie and tv show listings and the apps are full screen was told to factory reset it after Messing with all the settings to fix the issue now after I factory reset it, it wont go past the roku loading screen it’ll say roku then go completely black. The light on the front just keeps blinking. How do I get it to show on my whole screen and let me in to resign in? 1DE82036-4490-48A9-8DE1-9F445FCEC894.jpeg




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Re: Quarter Screen Display When Watching Content

@Angela_lin  Thanks for reaching out here. A few questions and suggestions to see if this helps resolve the issue:

- Have you tried changing your TV's display settings to see if this makes a difference. Different TV brands offer different types of display settings, such as Cinema, Movie, Action, etc. or they offer different display aspect ratio settings, such as Wide, Widescreen, Stretch, etc. Try adjusting these individually during playback to see if this clears up the issue. 

- Have you tried connecting your device to your TV using a different HDMI cable and/or connecting the device to a different HDMI port on your TV? 

- If you connect the device to a different TV, do you see the same issue occurring? 

- In Settings>Display type, try choosing a specific display type option instead of Auto, such as 720p, 1080p, etc. 

With more information, we'll see what other suggestions we can offer. 




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Re: Quarter Screen Display When Watching Content

I have had exactly the same issues. None of these suggestions work.

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Re: Quarter Screen Display When Watching Content

I have done extensive troubleshooting re reboot, check cables, restart, etc.   I have a 1080P TV and a 4K TV, I have an "older" Roku that is higher end (has the RJ-45 input)  I CANNOT make it malfunction.

We bought my wife a NEW CURRENT MODEL 4662RW Roku Ultra LT with voice remote, headphones.  THIS IS THE PROBLEM CHILD.  It acted up (quarter screen video) on the 4K TV after all options tried to eliminate it.

We took the OLDER unit and put it on my wife's 4K - WORKING FINE!

I put the NEWER unit on my plain old 1080P TV and it's doing it, hanging to upper left quadrant of the picture.

YOU HAVE A BUG IN YOUR CURRENT MODEL.   Please stop telling people to reset their devices, unplug stuff, and dance while howling at the moon.  FIX IT.