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Onn Roku TV: Startup Screen doesn't come on. Trying to find HDMI3 signal, yet I'm not using an HDMI

We just recently purchased 4 Onn Roku TVs that we intend on using an HDMI to run screens to for a gym. 3/4 TVs work just fine. They all instantly brought up the startup screen but one of them went straight to an HDMI 3 No Signal screen. I can not get off this screen and none of the remote buttons are working. I have tried to unplug the TV and plug it back in, but nothing changes. Sometimes it runs through the logo screen and a black screen but the remote does not work. I tried a hard reset with the buttons on the remote but that did not do anything either. As this is happening, the power button in red just flashes. I am not able to turn the TV on or off. The remote works fine for the other TVs.

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