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Logs out of all apps every 30 minutes

My device will log out of any/all apps 30 minutes on the dot, no matter what Im using. Netflix, Hulu, Xfinity it doesnt matter. Its almost like a timer goes off and then "POOF" back to the home screen we go! Ive restarted through settings, and have powered down, and back up again, with no luck. Does anyone have any tips to try?

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Level 7

Re: Logs out of all apps every 30 minutes

Same problem with purchase of my roku update. I'm ready toss it in trash and get Apple TV

My previous never had problems after  10 years. Any suggestions why it keep logging out.

Level 9

Re: Logs out of all apps every 30 minutes

I noticed that one app, XM Radio, only allows you to logon to one device at a time. If you try to logon to more than one device it tells you you're already logged in.

I know some apps, like Netflix, Hulu, etc... only allow you a certain amount of logons depending on what level you are subscribed to.

This is probably not your problem, but pointing out that certain apps that have logon limits (device number) might handle them differently depending on how they wrote their ROKU App/interface.

I have two ROKU Ultra's, one in bedroom, one in living room.

But I'm the *only* person in the household and only access one at a time so would not experience a device conflict (other than the one time I tried to play XMRAdio on both :-).

Also this is a perfect time to bring up this is why I don't share my apps with anyone except my best friend where we watch stuff at each others house.

I have been asked by family to share my apps, but don't use theirs or let them use mine, because with all the kids and multiple devices they use (TV's, portables, etc...) I don't trust them to adhere to *any* device limit I might request... :-)

I haven't done this, but maybe there's someway to set your device back to factory settings and at the same time change *every* password just in case someone else is using an app of yours and effecting your experience.

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Re: Logs out of all apps every 30 minutes

The same thing is happening to me except mine is every 4 minutes.. I have timed it... its super annoying and need to figure out how to fix this. My Roku is only 9 months 'old'

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Re: Logs out of all apps every 30 minutes

I'm having the exact same thing happening over here. Has anyone figured this out? Why it's doing this? It's like that with both of mine.

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