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Intermittent interruptions

I replaced an older model Roku unit with the new, top of the line model; same set up and equipment except for this new Roku unit. Now I have this intermittent black screen problem also. It occurs in all modes( streaming, menu etc ). It is temporarily remedied by unplugging the Roku and then plugging it back in; works every time. Temporarily. In reading Tanner’s replies, it seems like he couldn’t possibly conceive that it’s a Roku unit problem, only some other company’s faulty product. I disagree. Tanner, how about considering that it’s a Roku problem and give us some suggestions in that context ?  We would appreciate it very much. 

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Level 8

Re: Intermittent interruptions

Could be an over heated Roku problem.  That's what I discovered with my Roku when it was acting up.

These past few months I have been having trouble with my Roku Premier.  Sometimes it takes a long time to connect to ESPN+ or FSTV and when it does fail, it tells me my download speed is too slow 0 to 1 MBPS - bull cookies!. And it constantly cuts out and has to reload the program - so annoying.  I check my internet speed during the Roku problem and it usually shows 170 to over 200 MBPS.  So Roku is misdiagnosing the problem.  I found a fix - for my Roku anyway.  I suspected the little Roku box is too warm and possibly affecting the electronics, so I removed it and put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes.  I plugged it in and within seconds ESPN and then FSTV was loaded up within seconds.  I repeated this "lab test" several times and cooling the circuits down did the trick.  So now, when I'm done with using Roku, I unplug the power to the Roku.  If that little box was designed with vent holes, it probably would not overheat and wack out the circuits.

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