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I lost my Dolby Atmos signal

I lost Atmos signal on Disney+ a couple weeks ago, and I have tried I think everything. I have restarted Roku, Factory Reset, un and reinstalled Disney app.  I have confirmed with Disney and my ISP, there are no bandwidth issues.

I have a streaming stick+ 3801ca, running v9.2, Disney v1.3.

My setup is as follows... Roku connected via AV1 on my Yamaha RX-A1080 receiver.  Samsung Q80r is connected via ARC.  Roku HDMI is set up auto detect (it detects DD+,DTS, which should give me ATMOS) Nothing has changed, unless I inadvertently changed a setting, that i cant figure out.

This setup worked great until one day it was gone. 

I purchased a Roku so I could specifically get Disney+ in ATMOS, as my TVs native app does not support it.

I'm baffled, hopefully someone can shed some light on this issue.




Specifically when browsing Disney+ titles on the App.  5.1 is displayed, not ATMOS anymore.



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Re: I lost my Dolby Atmos signal

Exact same situation with me as well... It was there then it is now gone... I called Roku support and they said they have not heard of that happening and made a "Service Ticket"... 


If anyone figures it out please share how you fixed it.... Amazon still has the Dolby Atmos working...

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