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Hulu image too large for screen on Roku Ultra 4k

Has anyone else run into this in the Hulu app? A large number of shows on Hulu are displaying at double size, and only the upper left corner is visible on the TV screen.  Meanwhile all menus, station ID bugs and other overlays are perfectly aligned for a 16x9 4k screen.  I've been on tech support with Hulu, and they can't figure it out, either.  It only happens on the Ultra 4k (I have two Roku 3s on which Hulu functions just fine) and it only happens on Hulu. Any ideas?
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Re: Hulu image too large for screen on Roku Ultra 4k

I have the same issue. It is usually preceded by the audio and video being severely out of sync. Then when restarting the video to try to sync I get the grossly oversized image problem.
It also seems to only happen with specific videos, one in particular is NYPD Blue
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Re: Hulu image too large for screen on Roku Ultra 4k glad I never upgraded my Roku 3 to the Ultra and cancelled Hulu after the free trial. The fact that Hulu doesn't support Roku for surround sound is staggering in itself
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Community Manager

Re: Hulu image too large for screen on Roku Ultra 4k

Thanks for the notes here. A few additional questions to help better understand what you are experiencing: 

- Does this issue occur in any other streaming channel on your Roku device, such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.? 
- What specific brand & model of TV is your Roku player connected to? 
- When did you first notice this issue occurring? 
- Have you tried changing the HDMI cable or port in use to see if this resolves the issue? 
- In Settings>Display type, what display resolution is currently in use? If you try changing this option to something different, does the issue persist? 

With more information, we can continue looking into this further from there. 

Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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