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During device playback the screen will display solid green for approximately 5 seconds then switch to normal. This will occur somewhat sporadically but typically will repeat every 5-7 minutes. I've been experiencing this problem for quite some time now. I've read as many forums and help topics as possible and researched HDCP. I have purchased new cables, shorter cables, eliminated cables and peripheral equipment, i have updated, restored and reset everything possible. My latest attempt was to eliminate the ROKU device. I replaced it with an Apple TV and guess what, no more green screen problems. Through a lot of investigation I tracked the initial problem down to an automatic upgrade my device went through some time ago which is about the time the problem started. I'm not really seeking any help but more venting my frustrations. I have spent more money in problem solving than I just buying another streaming platform. I hope ROKU solves this problem as it seems as though a simple software push would cure it, unfortunately as much as I've enjoyed and promoted this streaming platform I do believe our relationship has come to an end.

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