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Express+ getting Hot

Hi - I recently purchased the express+, and really do like the interface/functionality.  My only issue at the moment is that the unit gets extremely hot even when not being used for several hours.  I measured the temperature to be between 100-120 deg F when idle.  I understand the unit uses between 2-3W of energy at idle (perhaps someone can verify this).  I unplugged the unit today while not in use, though I understand that 100 deg F will not burn my house down.  Just seemed very strange...  anyone else have the issue?  I don't believe it would be good for the unit to constantly plug/unplug unless it was designed for that.   Thanks in advance.

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Re: Express+ getting Hot

Yes, Roku players run hot. Normally there's nothing to worry about. If the unit detects it is exceeding its design limits you will see a warning on the screen. At least I've heard of others mentioning a warning. I've never encountered one myself. And the Sticks get even warmer, but again I've never encountered a temp warning leaving my Stick powered up full time. 
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