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Display suddenly only showing Low Resolution

Hi - 

I have a Roku streaming stick, started using it two weeks ago. Was working great, and then all of a sudden - the display is horrible, only showing low resolution in every app (Hulu, Sling, Live TV, Netflix, etc). Colors are off, everything is blurry, etc -- just your regular low resolution screen. 

I've tried a factory reset -- still the same. 

Everything is up to date w/ updates. And my wireless connection is strong (says it's excellent) and route is very close to tv. 

Any advice or help? Thanks! 

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Level 7

Re: Display suddenly only showing Low Resolution

I'm having the same issue. 


Edit: I found a temporary fix by changing Settings > Display Type from Auto to 4k. You have to force it because it won't detect it properly. It kept defaulting to some ultra low resolution. 

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