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Amazon Prime Video low resolution?

Hi. Just had delivery of my 4k Roku stick. Everything works great apart from Amazon Prime Video. As soon as I open the app, the resolutIon seems to drop to standard definition quality and all the text becomes blurred. Really don't understand what the problem is? To reiterate, it's not just video content, but the entire menu is blurred and low quality. I have very fast Internet and all the other apps (youtube, netflix etc) are fine, as is Prime Video when I access it through my other devices. I've tried a reset but that didn't do anything...


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Level 7

Re: Amazon Prime Video low resolution?

I'm having the same issue, but on my TCL TV with Roku built-in. Only Amazon Prime Video has this issue. The screen resolution in the menu is atrocious. Aliasing and sharp edges and blurry text. Video seems to play fine however.