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4k sdr 60hz some channels work some dont?

Hi! My projector cannot do 4k hdr @ 60. Different apps address this differently. ESPN app automatically plays in 4k sdr @ 60 and it looks great. Fox usually degrades me to 1080p tho. Netflix will give me 4k hdr @ 30 but only if I tell Roku Ultra to use that - on auto I get 1080p hdr.

Is there a guide on this or anything I can do in Roku settings to just specify I want 4k sdr @ 60 on the channels that supposedly "require" 60z 4k hdr? I obviously don't have that but you'd think the app could give me one level down, as ESPN does, or Netflix will do if I take roku off the auto, and that the reason the other apps won't is software related. 

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