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4230X model dialog dropouts on HDMI, but not on headphone output

I've noticed on TV and news shows with non-studio guests (appearing by Zoom or Skype, or ?) oftentimes the audio of their first words (of a phrase or sentence) dropout, leaving enough of a hole in their speech to make the rest of their dialog meaningless. This happens frequently. It does not happen when I use a computer to receive the same parts of that same show.  (We watch TV using YouTubeTV, and HBO-Now mostly. Both have the same issue.)

This only happens over HDMI. When headphones are plugged into the remote while watching the same clips, the dialog is there and can be plainly understood. 

A computer feeding that same HDMI cable and TV input works fine. 

System says my software is up to date. Any clues?   

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Re: 4230X model dialog dropouts on HDMI, but not on headphone output

For example, 

USPS: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
@ 1:47 "It's true" You used to be able ...   missing
@ 2:46 "Holy" xxxt that is a dark joke      missing
@ 3:15 "the postal" service may be about to     missing

There are many more dropouts on this, but like I said it plays fine on the headphone output,  but not over the TV connected to it. (Which plays the same program fine when sourced from a computer.) 

I post this because it is a clear example of what I'm talking about, and is an easily located program.


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