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Wired peer-to-peer connection w/ crossover cable using Vista

I installed a 2nd network card and connected the Netflix player with a 
crossover cable on my Vista Home Premium PC, but I have yet to get it to 
work. Has anybody done this and got it to work? 

My DSL connection is PPPoE 

A step-by-step guide would be greatly be appreciated.

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Re: Wired peer-to-peer connection w/ crossover cable using Vista

That won't work. Any networked device needs a way to acquire an IP address (DHCP) and needs network address translation (DNS). Just adding an additional NIC to your computer doesn't provide either of these. Now Windows does offer something called Internet Connection Sharing, and can offer the second NIC as a bridge to the Internet, but I can't walk you through setting it up on Vista. But be aware that ICS won't let your Roku see anything else on your network, such as a media server running DLNA, or allow the Roku app on a phone or tablet to see your Roku. It would be isolated from anything else.
Frankly, that OS is too old and troublesome. You should have upgraded to at least Windows 7, or better yet 10. 
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