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What internet service do I need?

What internet service do I need?

Just got off the phone with Verizon, and the rep. tells me I still need a TV stream for the Roku Ultra to run the apps. I installed?
Does the Roku Ultra need more than just an internet connection?
Apps; YouTub, NetFlixs, Hulu, news apps. NFL, …
They all work now, but rep says if I drop Verizon TV these apps will not work?
Can anyone tell me what I need?

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Re: What internet service do I need?

There is no one simple answer regarding streaming access, as there are several different models any given channel may choose to use.

Streaming services you subscribe to outside of your cable/satellite tv service will generally have streaming apps you can install in a Roku.  You just need to configure these channel apps on the Roku to log into your account with that service.  Examples would be Netflix, Prime Video, and any service that bills you separately from your cable/satellite bill.

There is a good chance that premium services that you have subscribed to through your cable/satellite/other provider subscription, and pay for as an additional line item in that provider's bill, will only be available via that provider's account.  For these, you'll want to unsubscribe before canceling your provider account, then take out a new subscription, either through Roku if offered, or directly with the service.  [My recommendation is to subscribe directly with the channel service when possible as this gives you more options on what devices you can view them on (your Roku, other streaming device, phone or tablet, desktop computer) and in the event there ever is a problem that needs to be resolved there's no confusion with whom you should be dealing.]  

Cable-type channels that are included with your provider package but are not billed as separate items on your provider bill are paid by the providers that carry them (cable/satellite/Sling/Hulu/Youtube TV/etc) out of the subscription fees collected from their subscribers. If you "cut the cord" and discontinue your subscription to these provider services, you quit paying for those included channels.

Many cable-type channels also make their content available via streaming through devices like Rokus, but they do it via several methods:

Most cable channels limit their use to those who are continuing to pay via a subscription to a provider carrying their channel. Typically you must authenticate this subscription by providing login credentials for your provider account, or by entering a provided code while logged into your web account for that channel. Without an authenticated account most will not work at all, others may work but have very limited content.

There are other sources that are available ONLY by streaming. They may either be free (typically supported by non-skippable ads, maybe LOTS AND LOTS of them), or available by paid subscription. Some, like Hulu, have two tiers -- a lower priced one with some included ads and a higher premium one with limited or no ads.

Those who think their viewing will be free by "cutting the cable" are bound to be disappointed, unless they are content to watch only the free ad-supported streaming options. The savings, if any, typically come from paying only for those channels you want, instead of an overblown cable/satellite package that includes a bunch of channels you never watch.

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Re: What internet service do I need?

I've been using ROKU for years and currently have a TCL with the software.  I have a Verizon land line and  basic internet access (3mbps) because it is all Verizon will offer in Southern PA.  My opinion is that Verizon is conning you and other customers - I've never heard of a TV app from them unless it is for new customers.  All I have is slow, vanilla internet and it works over an ethernet cable.  

I'm looking at satellite now like Starlink and Hughs - I don't need a TV package either.  Faster internet and my OTA antenna are it.

You know, they run HD (20mbps) over copper wire in Germany.  Think about all the land lines Verizon is pulling out.

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Re: What internet service do I need?

I think the OP has Verizon FIOS and not DSL like you.

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