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Sharp Roku TV won’t automatically connect to home WiFi

Our Roku TV has been working flawlessly for a while now, and within the past few days/week or two it won’t automatically connect to WiFi without us having to restart our router. All of our other devices are connected to the router and internet is working fine. It didn’t start doing this til maybe a couple of weeks ago.

On the system info about page it says it’s connected to our home WiFi, but no up address and the bar at the top says “not connected”
info about TV:

50” Sharp Roku TV
model: LC-50LBU591U

wireless connection, does have an Ethernet port but we don’t have a line directly connected. 

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Re: Sharp Roku TV won’t automatically connect to home WiFi

I can't say why it's doing that, but try going into the Settings and look for Power options.  I don't have a TV handy right now, but there's some option like "Quick start" that will keep your TV from completely powering down and keep the network connection active.  Yeah, it uses slightly more power, but it's really insignificant.

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Re: Sharp Roku TV won’t automatically connect to home WiFi

I had this issue. I have a Google mesh network, and after 2 hours of trying to troubleshoot, I found the device was paused in the Google WiFi app. Maybe this will help someone. 

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