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Roku Ultra (2019) - Ethernet Locks Router & Wi-Fi works great

I just purchased a brand new Roku Ultra (2019 - 4670R) so that I could stream Disney+ and Apple TV (as my Amazon Fire TV 4K device isn't supported, nor is the brand new TiVo Edge device).

That being the case I set it up, it's very intuitive and simple in my opinion (performed update after establishing network connection).  I have CAT6e ethernet cable (which is shielded) plugged into my Linksys EA9500 router (latest firmware updated) which is then connected (with another CAT 6e cable) to my Zyxel C3000Z CenturyLink router which receives the internet (via another CAT 6e cable) from my CenturyLink Fiber modem (1gbps connection).

All that to say I have the all the good hardware, all the right interconnects, and a wicked fast connection.  All other hardware devices and Wi-Fi devices do not have any connectivity issues (I have a bunch).

PROBLEM:  After setting everything up every time I to stream on Disney+, Netflix, or Amazon it locks up the Zyxel router and I have to do a power cycle (on the fiber modem, Zyxel router, Linksys router, and Roku all at the same time) to get it back.  I attempted this five (5) times with the same results.  Yes, I reset the network connection on the Roku box, yes I ran updates again, yes I still had all the same problems.  I read on one of these forums to try the Wi-Fi connection, I did, it's worked flawlessly since.

Can someone please tell me what the heck is it about the Roku Ultra that crashes my router?  Is it a defective Roku box?  Is it a bad update (v9.2)?  Is it a known incompatibility between Roku and Zyxel?  Something else?  Help!

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Re: Roku Ultra (2019) - Ethernet Locks Router & Wi-Fi works great

I have a dedicated connection as well. I have used Zyxel switches and they are among the best.

With that much hardware things do happen. I doubt that its the Roku. Who knows?

Sounds upstream to me. But if everything is working there's nothing to fix.

You can drive yourself nuts trying to figure these things out.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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