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Roku TV and Google Nest WiFi don't get along

I have a Roku TV made by Best Buy's Insignia brand that I purchased in 2018.

I have a Google Nest WiFi Router that I purchased and set up in the beginning of April. It is brand new.

I never previously had a problem with the TV connecting to networks. It still connects to my phone's wifi hotspot if necessary.

Several devices--androids and iphones, several windows/linux/chromecast laptops, other google devices--are connected to my Google WiFi with absolutely no problem.

For some reason, though, the TV won't connect to the Wifi. I have tried to go through Roku customer service and Best Buy/Insignia customer service. Google doesn't really have customer service because they are awful.

But anyway, I took it as far as resetting my TV to factory settings and it still won't connect. It sees the network but won't connect after I enter the password. It's the same error code before and after I regrettably reset it: 014.3.

Needless to say, this is extremely annoying and stupid and wasting a ton of my time. Does anyone have any idea how to address this issue?

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Re: Roku TV and Google Nest WiFi don't get along

I am also facing this issue. I even tried setting up via the Roku all by using the Connect Manually feature and using the Roku TV's IP address--this did not work. 

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Re: Roku TV and Google Nest WiFi don't get along

Had the same problem with a newly installed Nest WiFi and Roku devices not connecting. Had to cut on hot spot from my phone and rename the phone hotspot to the Nest router name and change the password on the hot spot the same as the Nest router. That way the Nest WiFi and my hotspot had identical names and passwords. Unplug the Nest router and scan networks in Roku. Look for the hotspot which will show up as the same name as your router. Roku should connect with credentials for hotspot. Turn hotspot off and plug in the Nest WiFi. Roku device should keep the connection based on the same name and password. Info came from Google support.

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