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Roku Onn Smart Soundbar Connect issues

My husband and I have a Roku Insignia TV and a Roku Onn Smart Soundbar about a year ago and if was great! We moved into a house recently and updated our internet for a faster service. We got our Roku TV to set up just fine, but now the sound bar wont connect to our wireless internet router AT ALL. Last week, we were still able to use it as a speaker without it being connected to wifi, and stream all of our favorite shows, until my husband unplugged it because he was tired of trying to get it to connect. Now when we try to set the soundbar back up it wont connect to the wifi, and now it wont play any sound AT ALL.  I went to the HDMI-CEC, I've tried resetting the soundbar, router AND the TV and nothing seems to work. Any ideas on how to fix this issue? Or should we return the soundbar?

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