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Roku Express Error "Code 005" Initial Setup--Solved!

I’m having this same issue/005 error code except with the ultra and Netgear. I had zero issue setting up the fire stick recently with the same internet and router. It however is not compatible with spectrum and roku is supposed to be plus I heard better reviews on roku. I go to set it up and the problems began. I tried numerous times and looked all over for an answer. I spent way too much time I really don’t have right now on this off/on the last couple of days & was about to box the thing up & take it back. I read the posting about not selecting the OK option & so far that has been the biggest help...THANK YOU! It didn’t work the first time with the number of clicks, maybe because this is the ultra version but the second time clicking back and around the update started. It’s at 36% right now after like 10 min. I do have an older router but no issues with anything else so hopefully this will work? Hopefully no further problems to tackle because honestly, so far I’m frustrated beyond explanation. I just want to mention that some of these posts are almost 10 mo old and I’m having the same issue now so clearly there is a problem which needs to be fixed or at least instructions in roku technical help.
P.S. at 47% now, approx 15 min.
Update from earlier today. Not clicking OK was the fix. I clicked back several times and somehow found an option to select update software. It took like 30 min for the update & I was able to continue set up after that.

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