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No longer able to use Roku Express unless connected to the Internet

I've been using Roku's for the better part of a decade, including at times while my Internet is down.  I currently have two Roku Express's and in the past have been able to use them when my Internet connection is down.  Confirming this, just yesterday I watched programs found on my Plex server on my internal network on one of the devices.  On the other device I changed the network to my phones so that it could connect to the Internet and I could watch a couple of videos on YouTube.  I then switched the network back to my internal network and the Roku Express is not happy with that.  It will not stay connected to that network because it doesn't have Internet access. 

I've tried connecting and restarting the device several times but it still won't save the network.  I also tried resetting the network connections only to have the same effect.  I need it to be on that network so I can access my Plex server where all my content is.  How do I get it to store the network config even if it doesn't have access to the Internet?

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Re: No longer able to use Roku Express unless connected to the Internet

Well, it's a week later and no response.  Based on my research and the dearth of responses here, I believe that the Roku no longer functions unless connected to the Internet.  It will not save the network configuration or stay connected to the network unless it's on the Internet.  Even my second Roku Express which had worked for a few days not connected to the Internet stopped working.  If it's not on a network, it can't see devices on the network such as a Plex server in which to receive content.

It's sad because I've been using an recommending Roku products for about 10 years and they are now useless for what I need.  I have researched other products and there are several that do not require an Internet connection and I will be switching to those products.  I may keep the Roku's instead of throwing them out just in case they change their mind at some future point.

Sorry Roku, you've lost a customer because you refuse to allow your devices to be on a network not connected to the Internet.

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