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No, this isn't the Roku olympics, but rather an oddity I have faced for months.  My Roku Ultra has been slow to respond to Scroll command when viewing Spectrum cable.  The issue is most prevalent while in Favorites mode, but has also occurred on occasion in All Channels mode.  While scrolling up/down the TV menu, the system seems to STUDDER like too many commands are being processed at once.  Many times, the TV menu will suddenly JUMP back to the beginning of the TV menu.  And on other times it will just STOP mid-scroll and put a line underneath the channel menu where it froze/stopped.

I also have issues where the Roku Ultra won't process any commands from the remote, forcing me to take off the battery cover and uninstall and reinstall one of the batteries.  That jolts the remote back into operation every time.

Working with Roku tech support, we have done the following:  put in new batteries; received a new remote; rebooted many times; removed any Roku background screen savers; re-positioned both my Roku Ultra box and the Spectrum Wifi tower; called Spectrum and had them align their signal "channel" to the proper signal number sequence.  None of these has worked for any lasting amount of time.  The Studdering-Jumping-Stopping continues. 

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