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Insufficient power

I have had my roku for less then a year it worked great for a while then about two weeks ago it come up with a message saying insufficient power, after doing some research because you can’t seem to talk to a real person, I have done the following, restarted my roku, unplugged the usb cables and power cable and plugged them into different ports and outlets, I have reset my roku, replaced the batteries in the remote and most recently I bought all new cable for my roku, I plugged it in tonight with the new cables I received after it been unplugged for four days, and before I could do anything the insufficient power message came back on! After researching some more I saw to send a message to @rokutanner19, but when I went to send the message it told me I have exceeded the amount of private messages I could send in one day yet I haven’t sent any! I have heard nothing but good things about roku but this experience is making me want to go elsewhere for my tv needs! 

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