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So I have two Rokus that we stream.. living room and bedroom. My living room has been acting up but thought it wAs too far from modem or whatever.. but now mine in my bedroom is doing the same thing.... 


it will say connected when I check the connection but not letting me load YouTube TV, Disney+ and other apps... itwill give me a pop up saying  not connected or server issue. I have restarted everything, unplugged and plugged back in.. I’m over it! This seems to be a trend with Rokus as far as I can see.. is there anything else y’all can recommend?! We have the Roku Premiere in both rooms. 

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Re: Connection

I've found that when I've encountered wifi problems with my Rokus I've normally been able to solve them by restarting the router. After the router comes back up, restart the affected Roku (Settings > System > System restart) to start with a clean slate and try to reconnect. This makes no sense to me and I don't understand why it would work, especially since other wifi devices in the house connect well, but it has worked for me.

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