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Cannot change to slightly changes SSID name

Forgive me if this is a double posting:  I posted once, but did so before logging in and fear it may not have "taken".  Here it is.

I have a Synology RT2600AC router which was connected to the Roku and functioning perfectly.

In order to be able to discriminate between the 2.4GHZ and the 5GHz networks, I slightly changed one digit in each of their SSID names.  I changed one SSID so that it now ends in the numeral 2 and the other SSID so it ends in the numeral 5.

I went back to the Roku, deleted the old SSID name, input the new one, used the same password and the Roku keeps returning a big red X and won't connect. 

I reset the Roku and the problem persists.

I did a reset, unplugged the Roku, the TV, and the router, waited two minutes and turned them all on again:  still the problems persists.  The Roku 3 simply will not accept/recognize the slightly changed SSID name.  We are A B S O L U T E L Y sure we are inputting the correct SSID name and password.

I wish there were some pinhole on the ROKU into which one could insert a bent paper clip and do a complete reset as I suspect some cache continues to retain the old SSID settings and won't accept that new name.

Help, please.


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Re: Cannot change to slightly changes SSID name

@JiRuiFu  Thanks for the note here. A few more questions to help understand the issue more: 

- Have you tried using the option in Settings>System>Advanced system settings>Network connection reset to reset your player's network settings, then try to connect again?

- Are you trying to connect to the 2.4GHz or 5GHz SSID when you encounter this issue?

- Do you see any specific error code displayed on screen when the connection fails? 

- Were there any other changes to your network, such as security features, settings, wireless broadcast channel, etc.?  

- To test, are you able to connect to another wireless network, such as a mobile hotspot? 

- Have you rebooted your router and ensured that there are no settings enabled that are blocking the connection, such as MAC filtering, ISP account security settings off-router, etc.?

- If you change the SSID name back to what it was, are you able to successfully connect again?


With more details, we can see what other suggestions we can make. 




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Re: Cannot change to slightly changes SSID name

There is a small, hidden recessed button to do a factory reset. But before you do that, go into the Settings menu and look under advanced settings for a Network Reset function. Then try connecting to your WiFi again. 


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Re: Cannot change to slightly changes SSID name

I see that after factory reset, my roku tv change its default name for xfinity wifi said and now I see with direct wifi together, my roku related names are being used by others and If I connect one of them it always shows one or more other names saying remembered. I see some of the name clearly have same IP addresses but others using it when TV is off. It only happened when I turned my TV. But now it's screen broke, and not on, but I see my reku tv and connection all the time.

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