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Can't set up Premier stick on guest network

I am at a dorm and trying to set up a Premier stick.  I can only use the guest internet because I have a log in and password, not just a password.  When I do this is says updates available.  I update and it brings me back to the same wifi login and just repeats.  I can't get any farther.  I can't activate the stick because it requires a link code and I can't get that far on the setup.

How do I set this up? 

Will I have to relog in every time I use it because you can't connect to a network that requires a login and password without using guest wifi?

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Can't set up Premier stick on guest network


Thanks for the post.

This would appear to be an issue that can easily be resolved by utilizing the Roku Hotel & Dorm feature in order to connect to your guest network. For more information about how to use the Hotel & Dorm feature, visit our Support page here: How do I use Hotel & Dorm Connect to connect to the internet?

However, in order to use this feature, your device needs to already be activated and setup. If your device has not yet been activated, we would recommend trying to connect your device to an alternate network, such as a mobile hotspot, to activate and setup your device. Then once your device has been setup, use the Roku Hotel & Dorm feature to connect to your home wireless network.


Danny R.
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