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Upload page times out after dev mode was enabled

I'm trying to load an app to a roku device in developer mode.

I followed the sequence of buttons, Selected Enbale Install and restart

Set up a password and the device rebooted.

I navigated to which is the ip of my device and the browser returned with a request timeout.

The following ports are open:

7000/tcp open afs3-fileserver
8080/tcp open http-proxy
8085/tcp open unknown
8086/tcp open d-s-n
8087/tcp open simplifymedia
8088/tcp open radan-http
8089/tcp open unkn


Model 3900X-Roku Express

SWVersion: 10.5.0-4208-51


Re: Upload page times out after dev mode was enabled

I notice that port 80 is not in your list. Normally, that would be the default web (http) port. 

Port 8080, however, is open. This is a common place to park a secondary web server or proxy. 



Of course, I forgot your device IP, but you get the idea. 


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Re: Upload page times out after dev mode was enabled

The DEV page is no longer a basic html page you can open in your browser.  It expects specific parameters and an upload package, so you have to use curl to format a GET request that it can do something with.


More details here at the bottom of:



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