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Public Channel through IDK?

Can we publish public channels through the IDK? 


This mentions it is for non-commercial personal use, so can we not make apps for the whole world to use? For that we need to use Brightscript like we did before? C+ isn't brightscript so I'm a little confused on the usage of this for those of us looking to publish channels publicly if we can't port the apps over to Brightscript for public channel publishing...

Channel Surfer

Re: Public Channel through IDK?

Hi @mwilstevens

The IDK is intended for Roku developers, enthusiasts, and hobbyists interested in building and running applications for their personal use on their Roku device. Developers can use the IDK and code in their favorite programming language to create applications beyond streaming channels. For example, developers can build applications in JavaScript that pull together data from various sources, effectively turning their TV monitor into a snapshot view of their daily news, weather, calendar appointments, and even traffic conditions for their office commute. Or they can use C/C++ to create fun, interactive games that use the Roku remote control, smart home applications, and other tools and utilities.

IDK applications can only be run after being sideloaded on an IDK-supported Roku streaming player running Roku OS 10.5 (or later)