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Reel Rookie

Novice developer: Can't get past Load Screen on sideloaded channel


I followed along with this YouTube tutorial and wrote up all the .brs and .xml files by hand, with some minor adjustments (comments, and RSS feed URL etc)

I have sucessfully sideloaded it onto a roku device, however it is not advancing past the Load screen. My Splash Screen shows for a fraction of a second, and then the string that I had put in MainScene.xml is visible, along with the correct hexidecimal colour for the background.

            text="Loading. Please Wait"

However, the app is not advancing past this. I have checked MainScene.brs and Main.brs for typos etc, and sideloaded the updated files, but it's still remaining on this screen.

I want to see if my feed can show up correctly, as I am trying to enable the RAF in order to monetise. I have a feed working correctly with a Direct Publisher Channel, but the ad server I am engaged with needs it to be an SDK channel.

Here is the code I have for components > tasks > MainLoadertask.brs

sub Init() = "GetContent"
end sub

sub GetContent()
    xfer = CreateObject("roURLTransfer")
    rsp = xfer.GetToString()
    rootChildren = []
    rows = {}

    ' parses the feed to build content tree
    json = ParseJson(rsp)
    if json <> invalid
        for each category in json
            value = json.Lookup(category)
            if Type(value) = "roArray"
                if category <> "series"
                    row = {}
                    row.title = category
                    row.children = []
                    for each item in value
                        itemData = GetItemData(item)
                    end for
                end if
            end if
        end for
        contentNode = CreateObject("roSGNode", "ContentNode")
            children: rootChildren
        }, true) = currentNode
    end if
end sub

function GetItemData(video as Object) as Object
    item = {} ' populates standard metadata on screen
    if video.longDescription <> invalid
        item.description = video.longDescription
        item.description = video.shortDescription
    end if
    item.hdPosterURL = video.thumbnail
    item.title = video.title
    item.releaseDate = video.releaseDate =
    if video.content <> invalid
        item.length = video.content.duration
    end if
    return item
end function

Thanks in advance.

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Roku Guru

Re: Novice developer: Can't get past Load Screen on sideloaded channel

you will probably have more luck in this forum

This if the IDK forum which is not for scenegraph channels

It would be had to say why you channel is not working. with what you have posted. What does the debug console output say? 

Reel Rookie

Re: Novice developer: Can't get past Load Screen on sideloaded channel

I was able to power through and continue through the tutorial. I couldn't see a way to withdraw this Q, but thanks for the response, and the direction to the appropriate forum.

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