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Help getting started with Roku devices, including setup, connecting your device to your TV, linking a Roku device to your account at, adding channels, subscribing to services, and more.
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There's got to be a better way...!

I recently purchased an Express+ (my sixth Roku) and just completed the setup process... wow, what a PIA that was!  The ordeal took over an hour -- and only 4 of my channels require authentication.  I'm surprised others aren't complaining about this!

Some of the issues I encountered are specific to variations in the channel authentication process, ostensibly outside Roku's control. For example, some sign-in forms provide common email domain names (,,, etc), thus reducing the need to use those cumbersome onscreen keyboards.  Most don't.  Some have a 'show password' option that helps avoid typing errors when hidden. Most don't. Some have navigation arrows that allow typing errors to be corrected without having to retype the entry. Most don't. And for reasons unknown, Prime Video consistently fails to authenticate with my correct email and p/w (I recall this also happened when I installed my Roku Ultra). As a fallback, it provides an activation code like Roku uses for authentication. That's soo much easier than using the onscreen keyboard!

Perhaps Roku should ask channel providers to always give subscribers the option of authenticating on a device that has a real keyboard and a web browser (and log-in storage).  Can you tell how much I hate onscreen keyboards?!

But the most frustrating thing was being asked which channels I want to install (nice!), but then IGNORING my selections and installing at least a dozen channels I didn't want.  Not to mention having to endure the 132-step channel installation progress bar!  Once installation was complete, I had to individually delete all the unwanted channels. So why does Roku even bother asking which channels to install if it's going to ignore my selections? Why not give users the option of replicating the channel lineup from another active Roku device?

The final insult was an apparent bug that caused 3 of my preferred channels to disappear while I was deleting the unwanted channels Roku pushed on me.  In two cases, I had to go through the authentication process yet again! (the other channel recognized it had already authenticated for this device). 

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