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Roku ultra to Rear projection TV

Hello, I have a rear projection TV with Component connections. Looking to buy a Roku -ultra. Will a HDMI cable between roku and a converter degrade the video? A stick directly to converter would be better? Can anyone suggest a good HDMI to component converter? I'm looking at this one. Thank you

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Re: Roku ultra to Rear projection TV

Any conversion to analog will probably result in some loss of resolution. Also, you have a fake link posted. It is going through Facecrook and is not direct to Amazon as the visible link shows.

This is the true link you posted:


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Re: Roku ultra to Rear projection TV

I'm looking to do the same thing, but I want to find out if this worked for you before I buy a new Roku (my old Roku 2 doesn't support Disney+).

My old Hitachi UltraVision 61 inch HDTV monitor still works well, so I'm not in a hurry to get rid of it, even if it is a hulking behemoth I will gladly get rid of for a flat panel at some future date.

But it maxes out at 1080i and will not do 1080p, so I am considering this converter, which explicitly states support for 1080i:

Did the one you mention work for you?

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