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Level 7 website in french / fr-fr

So before I begin, my devices are fine, in US English and everybody's happy on the device side.  This is about the website.

Once I log in, no matter what I do, the site INSISTS that I'm to read the site in French.  I can set it back to US English at the bottom of the page, but as soon as I go to a different section of the website, such as the Channel Store, it flips right back to fr-fr. 

I think this is affecting the channels I can install. for instance I have a subscription to Acorn TV in the US, but it's not available in my region. Also the search for channels feature is missing for some reason (possibly not related)

I've looked through my profile, but nowhere does it allow me to select my language. I've nothing against the French, they brought us fine wine and baguettes, but..

Beyond frustrated,


I'm Not French.


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