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Help getting started with Roku devices, including setup, connecting your device to your TV, linking a Roku device to your account at, adding channels, subscribing to services, and more.
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Connecting Roku audio to external speakers

Hi --- I have a receiver that I use when I watch a TV show or a play a DVD, so the sound comes out of my TV speaker as well as my four external speakers in my living room. The speakers are wired to the receiver. But when I hooked up Roku yesterday, the sound came out only from my TV. I figure I missed something on a setting. But I don't know if it's on Roku, my TV or my receiver. I don't know if it matters, but the other end of my Roku cable is plugged into a wall socket and not a USB port on the TV because I got a message that said the TV did not have enough power to run Roku. Any suggestions for proper connection would be appreciated. 

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