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Why do ROKU think they know better than their customers?

Why do ROKU think they know better than their customers?

The first time I saw this arrogant attitude was with the Apple Mac floppy drive that had no button, it meant users had to ask the OS to eject and then wait for it to take it's own sweet time.

With Roku the latest example of this arrogance is with the setting to FORGET a remote control.

Which part of FORGET does Roku not understand?

If you set it to forget you want it to be in a state where it is as if it was never connected.

When my Roku 4k Streaming stick was damaged by an update I thought it might be a good idea to setup all my Roku's with all of my Roku Remote controls, BIG MISTAKE.

I discovered that just pressing any key on the supposedly forgotten remote reactivates it.  So now if there is someone in the next room and they use the Roku for the TV in their room, it reactivates it on mine and makes it active, so any command they send controls my Roku.  This is even if the device has been forgotten.

Why does Roku think it knows better than their customers?  When I say FORGET I mean FORGET not PRETEND to forget.

It seems to me that Roku should give more technical options, like a force attempt to reload the latest firmware even if it says it is up to date (it damaged my Roku).

It should allow customers to roll back the Roku firmware to any previous version and allow them to prevent updates.  How many times have Roku updates made other apps not work, MANY.

Technically savvy users know that it is sometimes sensible to let others be an early adopter and want to lock down a config that is fully functioning.  Imagine how many support threads would be avoided if these options were available.

The same applies to these keyboard, give us an option to REALLY forget our additional remotes so they don't cause chaos in any home with multiple Roku devices.

I suppose my next options are to factory reset all my devices, install all my apps which will all need verification and so on, a lot of work and who knows what else Roku will screw up by doing this. I know Netflix does not like it as it thinks it is a device from a different household and that can take hours to resolve.

Most businesses learn that reputation is easily lost in todays modern world. For example the nightmare I have had with Roku means that it is no longer a trusted brand for me.  I noticed it had video doorbells and other products but based on the awful experience I have had with the update damaging my  Roku 4k Streaming stick, I would never take a chance on any other Roku products.

As it is I am currently evaluating alternatives to Roku because of the obscene privacy issues with Roku that breach GDPR.

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