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Reel Rookie

Space screensaver easter eggs

I love the new space screen saver. As with the city scroll one there are a ton of movie easter eggs hidden in this one. Here is what i could find so far.


Hal 9000 - 2001 a space odyssey 

Space ship - apollo 13

Basketball  - space jam

Satelite dishes - contact

The wedge ship - arrival

Lcars panel - star trek

The round ship window - millennium falcon

Egg hatching - aliens

Cruise ship - 5th element

Winnebago - space balls

Pyramid - stargate

Enterprise - star trek

Borg cubes(fuzzy dice) - star trek

Alien head - alien movies

Worm creature - star wars

The base - the martian

Light sabers - star wars

Robot with 4 arms - wall-e

Black hole - interstellar 

The armadillo - armageddon

The three jaw worm - dune


Ones i cant figure out:

The refinery looking thing

The black rectangle

The sphere with the glowing center

The astronaut staring out the window 

The cat

The round hole in the ground with the lights

Something riding the 3 jaw worm

The spiral galaxy in the background

The sparking wires hanging from the ceiling

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Re: Space screensaver easter eggs

Rock Creature - Galaxy Quest

Guy riding the sand worm - Paul Atreides(Dune)

The cat - The Cat from Outer Space (Disney 1978)

Astronaut - Dave (2001 A Space Odyssey)

Swirly “galaxy” - The Black Hole (Disney 1979)

I believe the little capsule with the arms is also from 2001

The hole with “lights” looks like the Sarlacc (Return of the Jedi)

The sparking wires, the windows and the blue lights along the walls remind me of the Death Star with the sparking wires being cut from Luke and Vader’s final duel. 

The Black rectangle - Monolith (2001)





Reel Rookie

Re: Space screensaver easter eggs

Lol... the 1st **bleep** thing I saw was the rock creature from galaxy quest. And some how I forgot to include it in my list...



How did @LordHelmet and I  do? Did we miss anything? Get any wrong?

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Space screensaver easter eggs

RokuShawnS is long gone.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Space screensaver easter eggs

I think the dice are supposed to be Han Solo's dice from Star Wars & Solo.

Re: Space screensaver easter eggs

I’m wondering if the cat is actually Jonesy from Alien, since the alien creature’s dripping jaws are right above the cat...?


the factory looking building is the police station from Blade Runner.


The dice are from the Millennium Falcon.


Reel Rookie

Re: Space screensaver easter eggs

Black rectangle = the "monolith" from 2001

Pod with lights and arms =2001


Small base with pod = the martian

Sphere with crane and light = terminator?



Re: Space screensaver easter eggs

Ball with lights is Contact 


Re: Space screensaver easter eggs

What are the giant floating contact lens to the right of Contact, the small pod above the Dune Guild spaceship, and the white.. I dunno... split circle? at the top?

I think the ship floating above Blade Runner City is Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind. 

I wondered about the Cat from Outer Space, too. I didn’t know anyone else saw that movie. Lol.

I thought the blue and red panel might be TRON, but that’s not really a space movie...

Reel Rookie

Re: Space screensaver easter eggs

There also appears to be something on the back side of the Star Wars asteroid.