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Roku device with HDMI inputs...?

Hi, we have used Roku almost exclusively as our streaming platform for many years.   I really like Roku TVs for the convenience and consistency of the OS, the apps, and just how it works (and I really don't like the streaming OSs of other tvs because they don't keep them up to date, simply don't have the apps themselves, or force ads and popup notifications). 

However, we still have older non-Roku TVs (with Roku boxes hooked up to them) ... but we still have to use the TV inputs to switch sources.  This is inconvenient as it requires multiple remotes etc.

So I am wondering -  why doesn't Roku have a streaming device with multiple HDMI *inputs* built into it, so people can truly turn any TV (old or new) into a Roku TV?   The OS already has input switching capability - why not apply this to an external box? 

I guess you could argue it would compete with existing Roku TVs, but at the same time, people like me have large TVs mounted on the wall and there's no way I can just toss that and get a new TV.  

I would love a solution where the Roku device acts as a streamer, HDMI input switcher (e.g. bluray, xbox, satellite box, etc), as well as 7.1 audio out (optical plus direct line outs), second HDMI out (pass to AV receiver for sound), bluetooth IN (as a switchable audio input source from phone/tablet) and bluetooth OUT (wireless connection to speakers/headphones). 

It would almost be a Roku AV unit, except without the speaker amplification.  I guess you could even call it "Roku AV Ultra".

Seriously...I would buy at least two of these right now it if existed! (does it?)


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Re: Roku device with HDMI inputs...?

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Re: Roku device with HDMI inputs...?

I’m guessing they don’t think it would sell.  That is, I’m thinking not enough people would pay more for a larger Roku device in order to not pick up the other remote to switch inputs.  And/or they don’t want to deal with more component interconnect support questions.

Generally, a lot of other peripherals could do/could have done the same but usually have not: ie: satellite receivers, cable boxes, Blu-Ray players etc.  VCRs and DVD Recorders usually had at least one input, but that was more for recording/editing than switching.

You mention AVRs, but to me the idea of having all my components plugged into a Roku which then funnels everything through just one input on my AVR just seems wrong to me.  I guess that’s part of the reason I think this wouldn’t sell. Even as a person with a lot of video gadgets, I prefer to have them go into the AVR, not the Roku.

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Re: Roku device with HDMI inputs...?

It would be convenient for some things, but you would still have to use the TV's input selector to switch to the TV's antenna OTA channels.


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