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Roku 3 vs Roku Ultra comparison

This may not be the correct place for this question, but ignoring the sale hype.

What is the real difference from the Roku3 and the Roku Ultra.  Is there a simple comparison between the 2?  The Roku 3 has been performing great so I am of the opinion "if it aint broke don't fix it"  So is there an overwhelming reason to "upgrade"?

Enquiring minds would like to know.

Roku Guru

Re: Roku 3 vs Roku Ultra comparison

The Roku 3 was released back in 2013. So it’s roughly 9 years old. It’s no longer manufactured and possibly unsupported by certain channels. The Roku 3 doesn’t do 4K. The new Ultra does 4K and has updated and much faster hardware. It’s kind of a no brainer. 


Re: Roku 3 vs Roku Ultra comparison

I'm the same way. "if it isn't broke......". I still use my roku 3 and it works just fine. 

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