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Panda background/theme

     I've had my Roku for years now. Over the years my family has played with and changed the themes and backgrounds quite a bit for fun. We've never before had a problem with the themes or backgrounds or any of that. A month or so ago I changed it to the Panda background (not sure exact title of this theme). I like the pandas. However, a few days ago I noticed something strange. Sometimes when I go back to home there are three pandas - one behind a leaf on the far left, one big one near aforementioned panda, and one on the other side. Sometimes, that first panda I mentioned, behind the leaf, is gone! It doesn't appear like a glitch or anything, just a leaf with nothing behind it as though that's how it always was. I first I thought I was confused, misremembering, kind of like the Mandela effect, but now I look every time I'm on the home page, and sometimes it's there and sometimes its not. This is very strange. I don't know what's up with that. It's become a bit frustrating and infuriating because I don't know why! Do you know what I mean? It just... bothers me. So please, someone, help me understand and hopefully fix this!