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Non Roku sound bars increase volume unnecessarily

It seems though my pheanoo sound bar specification state it is compatible with a Roku TV it is absolutely not.

I've done a lot of research without any help and found that on the internet and there's a lot of people that if it's not a Roku sound bar and you hook it up with EARC it increases the volume by three to four increments at a time. If you use the optical you have to use two separate remotes one for the sound bar one for the TV. If you use the auxiliary cord everything is fine.


This is unacceptable. This causes you to buy a Roku sound bar. I feel since the Roku TV is inputting into the sound bar that it is the TV programming that's causing The problems.

Because the TV goes from one to whatever in volume, if your sound bar has a different volume max number then that's what is causing the increase in the volume and in mine it jumps from 3 to 4 increments at a time

Again this causes us to buy a Roku sound bar we have no choice.


I've contacted everybody in Roku and the sound bar technical support. I am correct and so is the internet about the difference between the volume max on the TV and the volume max on the soundbar.


I am requesting and not taking any other solution than for Roku to give me two sound bars for both TVs I bought or they need to change the programming in which it was very easy and programming to go into the area where it is and change the numbers and symbols so it will accept any sound bar that has anything different in the volume.


If they do not replace my soundbars with free Roku sound bars then I need to return the TVs and then I am going to file complaints within the government and stay in the BBB that this information and this problem again will benefit only Roku for us to buy a Roku sound bar.

My soundbar company has in their specs as I said that it is compatible with a Roku TV. That means somebody from the sound bar company has talked to Roku and found out it is compatible.


Again it is the TV it is the programming that was done in the TV and it should be able to be fixed with an update. That is only logical but I am not 100% sure.


I'm giving them until the beginning of next week I've been doing this for a week and a half and I'm going to return their products and I'm going to file a complaints. Again this is only causing the consumer to buy a Roku sound bar which only benefits Roku and not let the consumer use their sound bar they have which I'm sure everybody check their specs that it's compatible with a Roku TV

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