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I agree with the get rid of the On Now comments and anything else that messes up the home screen or channel listing.  Something constructive you could add for those of us that have Roku tvs and use antennas - more than one zip code for the guide.  Not all of us live in some big city where all of the tv comes from the same place.  Some of us actually even get antenna tv from multiple states.

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I did not know about your second item because I don't have a Roku TV.

Since the zip code is a different topic, although you have a valid complaint, the topic here only deals with the Home Screen

Suggestion: to draw attention to your ZIP Code issue, what would do if I had that problem would be to create a new topic and post it to the appropriate forum…

Can't help you because I know what that would be.... but generally you could use 'search' to see if you can find out if somebody has already reported this issue and post your comments there, or create a new issue yourself that refers to the ZIP Code.

Speaking respectfully to you… generally, on forum such as these, I've learned over the years that it's best to address only one issue at a time, since, like me… I only have the issue about the home screen, and not the Roku TV.

That way, the moderator and others would see 'Zip Code' or whatever you choose to type in the subject line, and could respond to you.

Hope that helps! smiles




not liking it. 

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I agree.  This is a step too far.  I have tolerated Roku forcing ads to my home screen but this is too much. I don't want the On Now bar above my apps. It is not my choice, as additional clutter to my home screen and adds nothing of value to me.  Please quickly resolve this or you will lose some of your faithful customers. 

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Please address this quickly.  I have 10 Roku streaming devices and am prepared to switch them all out if you can't turn this off. Very disappointing that you believe you can simply flood the home screen with additional, pointless content without providing a user option to switch off. 



I would like to also share my displeasure with the new "On Now" section amongst my channels. My suggestion, make it a tab on the left like the "search" and "streaming store"."On Now" tab.

Where it is now, is very frustrating.

-A roku user of 8 years.

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Politely speaking, who is the appropriate team that you've referred to and what are they going to do about it? Letting us know that you've referred it is not helpful, politely speaking.

Not meaning to be rude to you; you do a fine job. But such pat replies you are advised to make to us tell us nothing. Suurely they can provide you with some feedback to pass on to us.

If Roku operates like most valid software companies do, then it is the business person who drives these changes. Otherwise, it's usually the development or IT department.

Whomever is driving these changes has way too much time on their hands, inventing something to add to a screen that is already cluttered and overly complex.

In professional, customer-driven software design, the rule is KISS- "Keep it Simple, Stupid."

Not directed at the moderator who does a good job. This is directed to those who drive these useless changes instead of adding true functionality.

Way too many changes have been made to the home screen without the opportunity to turn such items off.

The only ones I am able to alter are in Settings/Home Screen. This started happening with software update on 10/17/23, software version 12.5.0, Build 4178. This needs to be coded into the home screen settings, sooner than later, please.

I have had a subsequent update but the build number is the same as is the version. No changes were made to the Home Page, nor the ability to select and turn on or off any of these useless items.

Apologies for the rant, but this is getting painful – plus. Thank you.

Roku Guru


Great points you just made. But to say 'the moderator does a good job' is a little much in my opinion. All these people do is tell us what we want to hear, that they are sending in our feedback by simply copying and pasting the same company lines from the same pre-written script. I'd hardly call what they are doing a good job. In fact a child can copy and paste just as efficiently as these 'moderators' on this forum do! I frankly don't recognize anybody from Roku doing a good job, not on this issue or on any of the other complaints from customers about Roku on here.

The Roku device is a pretty good product, but their customer service and response time to fixing problems is an absolute joke. Anytime there is an issue I just see the standard reply from Roku about asking for serial numbers, then saying they will 'notify the appropriate department' and it will get attention. Well I feel no ease at all every time I see that same repeated response! It just seems like platitudes to make us think something is being done, when more than likely nothing is.

I don't know how the people behind Roku think, but I wouldn't expect this issue to be fixed anytime soon based on Roku's track record. The programmers at Roku are very short sighted when it comes to designing updates and then fixes for them.

I just want some true customer service with actual results that happen in a timely manner, I don't think that is too much to ask for.

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Emissary, well said..

Grin- it might be somewhat obvious after my several posts that I have worked in software design most of my life. Mainly as a QA engineer and developer.

i'm always tempted to say to IT  "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

The reason I have mercy for the moderator is that I have worked that job as well as others. Their hands are rather tied and yes, I know that sometimes they give copy-paste replies but communicating with customers is a challenging job. They have been given parameters on what they are permitted to tell us and are certainly not responsible for the changes that somebody else thoughtlessly made.

That is why I take care of to be kind. All they can do is at least reply to us to acknowledge our posts and move the issue forward to people we cannot talk to. Easy to get irritated with the only person we can communicate with, but they are probably not permitted to check with the IT department to see the status of our frustrations.

It's that old "don't shoot the messenger" philosophy. Stressful job when people get upset at the moderator.

That's why I ask them if they're permitted to give us any updates on the progress, and am careful not to be pointing my finger at them. I know how they feel and how desperately they want to be able to do more for us.

Sending this to you with total respect and understanding. All of us posting about this are very upset about this as is obvious. I detest having a punch a bunch of buttons just to navigate a site.

So thanks for the kudos and thanks for your supportive comments!

i'm about done with Roku, personally.  smooth, easy, functional design is the key to customer retention. and apparently, on Roku, a thing of the past. Smiles...


Channel Surfer


Doesn't look like Roku will be giving us the option to opt out of this change. Due to that I'll be switching over to Chromecasts for my streaming needs.

Takes a bit of work but you can install a custom launcher on Chromecast and never worry about some company deciding on how your home screen looks. Plus you get to avoid advertising. 

Here is a guide on the setup.


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